+91 98939 44736 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Magarlota, Chhattisgarh.
+91 98939 44736 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Magarlota, Chhattisgarh.
+91 98939 44736 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Magarlota, Chhattisgarh. SF
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We Provide Several Services

New Technology

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  • • Fabrication Drawing
  • • Images cut from the CAD models to explain the dimension
  • • Conceptual diagram
  • • Quality Control Procedures
  • • Attention on common mistakes which lead to failure mode
  • • Ready to all CAD documentation

We have highly skilled, certified and trained welders who work semi automatic welding machines. Shop fabrication significantly reduces construction cost and timelines. The cost of making changes in the shop verses the field is significantly less.


We deliver the basic engineering packages to our clients and convey commissioning services as the final stage of tools development and transfer. The basic engineering includes the following information:
  • • Foundation of project design and description and block diagram of process
  • • We make the flow diagram of process
  • • Process stream information
  • • Area classification diagram
  • • Piping and instruments diagram
  • • Catalyst, chemical and effluent plan data
  • • We operates preliminarily process manually
  • • Preliminary equipment list and equipment process data sheet


Our quality management system ensures high level of quality by manufacturing process. Our strong focus on manufacturing process, testing and quality assurance enables us to supply high quality material and deliver cost effective solutions.

We provide :

Reliable and accurate test results to support in decision making.

Provide utility industry experts and qualified trained engineers.

Test reports forms and documentation which meet international standards.


  • EOT Crane – 1Nos(30MT * 20Mtr Span)
  • Hydra Crane (10MT) – 2Nos
  • Hydra Crane(12MT) – 2Nos
  • Broche Cutting M/c (Up to 100mm) – 15Nos
  • Magnetic Drilling M/c (Up to 25mm) – 07Nos
  • Radial Drilling M/c (Up to 63mm) – 02Nos
  • Hydraulic Plate Bending M/c (8 to 32mm) – 1Nos
  • Hydraulic Plate Bending M/c (8 to 80mm) -1Nos
  • Hydraulic Press – 1Nos
  • Welding M/c Arc – 61Nos
  • Welding M/c Mig – 25Nos
  • Welding M/c SAW – 05Nos
  • Grinding M/c -AG-5-15Nos
  • Grinding M/c -AG-7-15Nos
  • Screw press-01Nos
  • Lathe Machine – 1Nos
  • Bending Machine – 1Nos
  • Pug M/c – Up to 100mm – 20Nos
  • Compressor 300 CFM – 01Nos
  • Compressor 200 CFM – 01Nos
  • Airless Painting Machine – 04Nos
  • Compressor 30CFM – 4Nos
  • Mother Ovan – 03Nos
  • Flux Ovan – 04Nos
  • Preheating Long Burner – 05Nos
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauage – 1Nos
  • Fillet Gauage (Bridge cum Gauage) – 1Nos
  • Digital Temp. WBT, DEW, Humidity Indicator – 1Nos
  • Surface Profile Gauage – 1No
  • Infrared Thermometer – 1Nos
  • Coating Thickness Gauage – 02Nos
  • Ultrasonic Testing Machine
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Digital Vernier Caliper
  • Grit Blasting Machine – 02Nos
  • Preheating Burner – 08Nos
  • Portable Ovan – 40Nos
  • Plasma Cutting Machine – 01Nos



  • Highly skilled and experienced persons manage the execution process.
  • 3 levels of quality checks by expert engineersto ensure error free output.
  • Constant upgradation of skills through structured training programs.
  • Precise identification of activities and persons responsible for execution.


  • Fabrication of boiler structures and building structures and its auxiliaries, tubo generators of thermal power plant up to 600mw.
  • Customized fabrication, machining and assembly works as per drawing.
  • Range – Vessel fabrication, shell and tube heat exchangers, storage tanks, process equipment, furnaces, fabricated equipments for various industries.
  • Fabrication of rolled sections and plate girders up to 2500mm depth.
  • Fabrication of special structures like silos, vessels, storage tanks.
  • Fabrication of Pre Engineered Buildings


  • To be our customers preferred fabrication service provider.
  • Cooperation – team spirit and openess.
  • Responsibility – ownership and willingness to change.
  • To exceed customer satisfaction.
  • Contribute to the success of our clients by providing unmatched combination of our technical excellence, practical experience and responsiveness, thus providing high quality engineering services using latest hardware and software tools through our highly trained professionals.
  • To continue to deliver projects with cost-effective engineering solutions that is durable and reliable, within the estimated time and cost, and by following safe procedures and practices